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Leveraging Transparency

Making health care decisions without transparency is like trying to navigate a ship in dense fog. Without clear visibility, it’s challenging to make informed choices, and there’s a higher risk of making a wrong turn or running aground. For employers, the lack of control over data and the inability to know the underlying cost of services is like assembling a puzzle with missing pieces. And for individuals, those problems are largely why surprise healthcare costs are the number one reason for personal bankruptcy in the U.S. OpenNetworks gives all members of the Coop access to pricing and utilization data to enable informed decisions.

Fostering Collaboration

OpenNetworks is a decentralized platform built to promote peer-to peer connections. Local healthcare providers and local employers can use the platform to create innovative programs to serve specific diseases or for population-based programs. The platform can supplement or replace existing networks used in benefit plans. And all participants in the ecosystem – employers/payers, providers, technology partners and consumers have access to the data assets needed to help build those programs.

Promoting Innovation

OpenNetworks is fundamentally two things: a contracted health care provider network and a payment platform. The contracted network takes advantage of new federal laws and regulations intended to remove the veil of secrecy around negotiated payment rates. The payment platform is like the Rosetta Stone of transactions with the network. The platform is the key to deciphering and simplifying the complex codes and standards relating to health care payments. It is the central hub for empowering a wide range of organizations to build capabilities that can be offered to employers and individuals who have access to the network and platform. Using an open A.P.I. framework, businesses can leverage the network and platform to offer disease management, population health, bundled payments, revenue cycle management and a host of other services related to health care payments.

Embracing a Changing World

OpenNetworks is a natural synthesis of ideas already changing our lives. We looked at blockchain projects to inform our views on decentralization and community building. We compared those ideas to the long history of Cooperatives and integrated the best of both approaches. We evaluated advanced cryptography techniques that have application to the verification and security challenges in health care. We continue to embrace A.I. in every dimension of our work and know that what we are creating will become the ultimate avenue for expressing the potential of A.I. as it is applied to health care.

We also know change is a constant. For that reason, we believe we are planting a garden for all seasons.

Security and Reliability are no longer a worry

All participants in the ecosystem benefit from an enhanced security. Through open networks, employers retain ownership and control of their employee data. This frees employers to see and analyze all of their healthcare data and make informed decisions. Secure data sharing benefits all via a common database that remains immutable once written. Zero knowledge proof protocols will soon be created to achieve extraordinary levels of HIPAA security while eliminating the burdens of that compliance.

Benefits of OpenNetworks

Enhanced Patient Care
  • The open health network prioritizes patient-centered care, allowing physicians to provide more personalized and effective treatments.

  • Employers can offer their employees access to a healthcare system that focuses on improving health outcomes, ultimately reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.

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Cost Savings
  • Physicians and employers can benefit from cost-efficient healthcare delivery within the cooperative. Lower administrative costs mean more resources for patient care.

  • Employers can reduce their healthcare spending by participating in a network that emphasizes preventive care, early intervention, and reduced hospital readmissions.

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Increased Accessibility
  • Physicians and employers can extend their reach to underserved populations, increasing their patient or employee base and expanding their positive impact on communities.

  • The open health network breaks down geographical barriers, ensuring healthcare access for remote or marginalized communities.

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Collaboration Opportunities
  • Physicians can collaborate with peers and specialists easily within the cooperative, facilitating knowledge sharing and improving patient care outcomes.

  • Employers can join a community of like-minded organizations committed to advancing healthcare quality and accessibility.

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Data-Driven Insights
  • Physicians gain access to a wealth of health data and analytics tools within the network, enabling evidence-based decision-making and better patient management.

  • Employers can utilize data insights to design wellness programs tailored to their employees’ needs, fostering a healthier workforce.

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Regulatory Compliance
  • Physicians can rely on the cooperative’s infrastructure to help manage regulatory compliance, reducing the administrative burden.

  • Employers can ensure their healthcare benefits comply with evolving healthcare regulations and avoid costly penalties.

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Transparent and Ethical Healthcare
  • The cooperative emphasizes transparency in pricing and treatment options, reducing surprises for both patients and employers.

  • Physicians and employers can be proud to be part of an organization committed to ethical healthcare practices and community well-being.

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Technological Advancements
  • The open health network embraces cutting-edge technology, providing physicians with access to telemedicine, electronic health records, and AI-driven diagnostics.

  • Employers can offer employees modern, convenient healthcare options that align with today’s digital age.

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Community Engagement
  • Physicians and employers can engage with the community through health education programs and outreach initiatives, fostering goodwill and loyalty

  • Employers can enhance their corporate social responsibility efforts by supporting a cooperative dedicated to improving healthcare access.

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Advocacy and Influence
  • Physicians and employers can engage with the community through health education programs and outreach initiatives, fostering goodwill and loyalty.

  • Employers can enhance their corporate social responsibility efforts by supporting a cooperative dedicated to improving healthcare access.

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